This Code of Conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the MARITIME FOUNDATION's expectations of trainees in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour.

In keeping with the tradition of the institution, all trainees of MARTIME FOUNDATION are asked to maintain discipline and decorum in the campus and refrain from any activity that can tarnish the reputation of the institution. Violation of this will result in inviting disciplinary action.

All students are required to be aware of and act consistently with these values and instructions.

  • Ragging in any form or time is prohibited in the campus as well as in the hostel and all trainees are asked to adhere to this rule. Physical abuse and assault is not permitted.
  • Smoking and use of alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Trainees are not allowed to carry or use cell phone within classrooms, laboratories, workshop and the academic block. However, the usage of cell phones is permitted within the hostel block.
  • All trainees are advised to maintain the environment clean and not to litter campus. The garbage shall be disposed within the designated spaces.
  • Identity card should always be kept by the trainees and shall be produced on demand.
  • Trainees shall at all times be suitably attired. Uniform shall be worn for all classroom sessions. Prescribed overalls shall be used in laboratories and workshops. The uniforms (including shoes, belt and caps), overalls, safety shoes, PPE shall be provided by Maritime Foundation.
  • Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall is strictly prohibited.
  • College tuition fee, hostel mess dues and other charges should be paid in advance.
  • Sexual harassment is seen as a very serious offence. Trainees are advised not to indulge in sexual harassment in any form.
  • Discipline and decorum should be maintained in institute functions, passing out parades, seminars, dignitaries visit etc.
  • Strikes and Picketing is not permitted. Any grievances shall be reported to the Course-in-Charge or Wardens.
  • Use of Internet within the campus for the purpose other than academic related activities is not permitted.
  • Trainees shall not cause any wilful damage to the infrastructure, facility, equipment or amenities within the campus premises. Any such loss or damage shall be recoverable from the trainee/s. A wilful act shall also be reported to appropriate authority or sponsors as an act of indiscipline.
  • Trainees are expected to act honestly and ethically in their dealings with staff, employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers, any other members of the public and other trainees;
  • Carriage and or consumption / usage of Narcotic drugs is a very serious offence under the National Laws. Any such case shall be dealt with in most serious manner and shall be reported directly to the Narcotics Bureau.
  • Malpractice of any kind will not be allowed during the internal / external Examination. A report of the malpractice shall be forwarded to appropriate authorities like MMD/DG Shipping/BEST/ Sponsors etc.
  • All trainees are advised to attend laboratory classes and workshop with full presentation.
  • Prescribed dress code has to be maintained in respective laboratories and workshops.
  • Records should be brought and instructions should be followed accordingly.
  • A congenial atmosphere should be maintained in the laboratory classes.
  • Misbehaviour with trainees/staff will not be entertained in labs and, if any, it will be taken note of very seriously.
  • Misbehaviour of any kind in the dining area with trainees / staff will not be allowed.
  • Trainees shall abide with Mess timings and shall occupy the dining spaces allotted to the respective batches. Food shall not be served outside the mess timings.
  • It's a mandatory requirement that all trainees shall reside in the hostel.
  • NIGHT STAY outside the hostel premises not permitted. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken for overnight stay outside the hostel premises, without prior permission.